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Eden is Paradise, a place where the perfect coffee is found.
Eden is a Speciality Coffee Store dedicated to serve the perfect coffee experience to the public with a bit of passion.


A good coffee experience depends on numerous of factors. The coffee origins. the machinery used, staff efficiency and the store’s atmosphere.

At Eden, we perceive “The Coffee Experience” as our principle value and main goal. We make sure that the coffee is originated from the leading coffee suppliers and the machinery used are top class and up to date. The staff are all intensively trained by coffee experts in the field to deliver a satisfying service to our clients.


A major influence of any coffee taste rests within the coffee beans themselves. Coffee farms can be found all the world, from Brazil and Colombia to Panama and Ethiopia. We make sure that the coffee beans are ready roasted from the country origin and ready to be served in Qatar.

EDEN Catering

Eden Services offers distinguished and high quality VIP dining services for small exclusive gatherings and large high profile celebrations.
We have made our mark in the coffee catering by providing efficient catering services, and outdoor Catering Services and allied services customized to suit client needs.
For Booking +974 5085 0260

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